Whenever there is a 5th Sunday during the month, we have intentionally planned to have a Family Sunday Worship Gathering.  That means there will be no Fields Kids classes that week.  Instead, we hope that families of all ages will gather together in the gym so that we can worship Christ together!  We know that God has called us to make disciples of our children and to raise them to know, love, and worship God themselves.  We also know that kids are like little sponges, soaking up everything around them.  That is true at church as well.  We want them to learn, from an early age, what it looks like to worship Christ with the whole church.  We want them to be able to watch you sing, pray, read the word, and listen to the sermon so that they might learn to do the same one day!  We are modeling true worship for our kids so that we might say what Paul said to the church at Corinth, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” (1 Corinthians 11:1)


We understand that kids might squirm, talk, laugh, cry, or even scream during the service, but that’s fine!  They are kids!  We don’t expect them to sit perfectly still and quiet, but want them to experience God and grow to become worshipers!  We have Fields Kids Guides at the table on your way in to help engage children in the worship service.  This will help them remember the songs we sing, scriptures we read, nations we pray for, words we say, and people who lead each part of the service.  However, if you do need to step out with your child, you’re welcome to sit at the tables in the hall.  There you will be able to watch the service through the glass gym walls and hear everything over the speaker.


Before you come to Family Sunday, consider preparing yourself and your kids for our time of worship together.

  1. Pray for your child & yourself – Ask God to prepare both of your hearts to hear from him.  Pray that both of you will be attentive and not distracted from what God wants to do.  Remember to pray with your children during the week as well and ask them to pray for you!
  2. Tell them what to expect & what you expect – Prepare your kids by telling them what we will be doing during the service.  Explain that we will sing, pray, read, and listen together.  Tell them we will sit down and stand up at different times during the service.  Let them know what you expect from them before going in and why.  When your kids begin to fidget, don’t simply tell them to stop, but feel free to lean over and engage them in the service by asking them a question about whats happening, explain what we just sang or heard, open a Bible for them to read along, or give them their Kids Guide to color or count how many times the preacher says Jesus.
  3. Follow up & discuss afterwards – On your way home or during lunch, ask your kids some questions about the service to help them understand everything.  What was your favorite song?  What scripture did we study?  What did you learn about God?  What did you learn about yourself?  What questions do you have about the Bible or the service?

We hope this prepares our kids at a young age to worship God with the whole church.  We hope this opens their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to the love of God, the blessing of the church, and joy we have in Christ!