Elders are simply Pastors. The Greek word presbuteros in the New Testament is translated elder. There are 2 other Greek words (episcopos-overseer and poimenas-pastor) that describe the same position of elder in the church. They were responsible for the ministry of the word and prayer in the church (Acts 6:4). The Bible gives clear qualifications for these men in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 and holds them to a high standard because it is a noble task (1 Timothy 3:1). Simply stated, elders must be “above reproach” in every area of their life, 1) personal life, 2) home life, 3) spiritual life, and 4) public life. Therefore, elders lead and shepherd the church through prayer and teaching the Scriptures, seeking God’s vision for the church, and caring for and equipping the people of the church to be A Church In The World.

Elders at The Fields are men who have exemplified the qualifications of elders as prescribed in the New Testament. They are men who have been servant leaders in these areas before being recognized as elders and without anybody asking them to. They are not perfect men, but men who worship a perfect savior and strive to be more like him while leading others to do the same. They are humble men who give sacrificially, pray earnestly, serve tirelessly, work strenuously, disciple faithfully, and teach biblically. As a church, we are called to obey and submit to our elders as they keep watch over us like a shepherd looks over his flock. As long as they lead us to Christ and don’t lead us into sin, we follow them as they follow Christ for our benefit and their joy!

Bryan Sloan

Elder & Lead Pastor

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Graham Jones

Elder & Worship Pastor

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Cassidy Moore

Lay Elder

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