People everywhere are looking to belong. They want to belong with a community of people that love them and that they can love. This sense of longing to belong was birthed in the creation of the World. God himself is a triune God, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, yet is one God. He has perfect community and fellowship with himself. So, when God created the heavens and the earth, he created mankind in his image. Community is one of those characteristics that mankind desires. We long for community with God and with others because we were created in the image of God.

We all try to fulfill this sense of belonging with other people, groups, events, etc.  Unfortunately, each of those leave us wanting to belong even more.  The reason is because our sense of belonging can only be satisfied in God.  He is our creator and made us for perfect fellowship with him.  Unfortunately we have all sinned against God and broke fellowship with him.  Only through faith in Christ can the payment for sin be made and our fellowship with God be restored.  Until that happens we will continue to yearn for community and seek to find it in everything else but God.

Community at The Fields

Knowing this, it is our desire to foster community with God and one another in several different ways.  Our missional groups are set up to be on mission with God in our city and neighborhoods while building community with those we meet along the way.  We try to build community for the Fields Kids on Sunday mornings with age appropriate classes and by involving them in the life of our missional groups during the week.