Welcome to The Fields Kids! We love our kids. We know that children are a gift from the Lord (Psalms 127:3) and that parents are responsible for discipling them to love the Lord (Deut 6:4-9). It is our prayer that your children will learn to walk closely with Jesus and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with you as you disciple your children. We hope to provide a safe, fun, and gospel-centered environment for your kids to learn about Jesus every Sunday morning.  The Y has an amazing KidZone & Community Room and our partnership allows us full use of their facilities to host our kids every week.

What to Expect


We have age appropriate classes for your kids from birth through 3rd grade. Each class will be focused on teaching the Bible in fun and engaging ways so that the gospel message will come off the page and impact their life throughout the week.

Birth – 18 month (Kidzone)
18 month – 3 years (Kidzone)
4 years – Kindergarten (Community Room)
1st grade – 3rd grade (Community Room)
4th grade and above join parents in the gym

However, if you would prefer to bring your younger child into the main worship gathering with you, please do! We value both and support you as the parents to choose either option.  In fact, we intentionally plan about 4 Family Sundays throughout the year to model for our kids what it looks like to worship Christ with the whole church.  Click here to read more about Family Sundays.


We are currently using a curriculum called The Gospel Project. It is a three-year chronological walk through the Bible. Each week your children will walk away with a “Christ Connection.” Our hope is that your child will understand that every story in God’s Word points to the redemption of God’s people through Christ alone.

Check-In & Security

Children can be checked in prior to the worship gathering starting at 9:15am. First-time guests, please come 15 minutes early to fill out the needed paperwork so that you can make it to our worship gathering on time. Check-in takes place at the welcome table just inside the main entrance of the YMCA. You can’t miss it.  We have a secure check-in and check-out process that will ensure your child’s safety while they are at The Fields Church.  At the welcome desk, there will be security stickers for you, your child, and their bag with corresponding numbers, as well as allergy alert stickers. Fill those out, stick one on your child, one on their bag, and keep the other one with you to check out when you pick up your child.  In addition to our secure check-in, check-out process, all of our volunteers and staff must first complete a thorough background check before they can volunteer to work in our childcare area to make sure everything is safe.

Once your kid is checked in, they will be directed to their class.  All Fields Kids classes run for the entire time of the main worship service; however, the oldest class (1st-3rd grade) begins their time in the main service.  This allows the older kids to sing a few songs of worship and our hear our weekly “Prayer for the Nations”.  This also allows them to begin participating in the main worship service before they join us permanently in 4th grade.  We encourage you to take your 1st-3rd graders with you into the service, then they can join the class at the official dismissal time just prior to the sermon.  However, the teachers will also receive kids in the class like normal up to the time of the service.  The teachers will take whoever they have into the service (there are designated rows on the front right of the gym) and also receive new kids in the service at the official dismissal time.


For everyone’s health, please do not drop off kids with the following symptoms:

  • Fever in the last 24 hours
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Hacking or wet-sounding cough
  • Signs of eye infection
  • Signs of lice