The Psalms are one of the most often read books of the Bible, but one of the least often preached.  The Psalms are simply a collction of songs that people of faith would sing long ago.  These songs were gathered together to become the first Hymnal.  Songs are so important in every culture.  Not only do they have the opportunity to teach us knowledge about who God is, but songs normally connect with us on an emotional level.  This was true for David when he wrote many of the Psalms and this is true for us now.  Our prayer is that by reading, memorizing, preaching, and singing The Psalms we would grow in our understanding of who God is and our love and commitment to him on a daily basis!


Here are 2 resources we have created to help you better understand the Psalms.  They both explain the different genres or types of Psalms.  One is a chart and the other a list.  Use this to see what kind of Psalm you are reading each morning to better understand what is being communicated.  We hope this gives you better perspective.

Psalms Genres Chart
Psalms Genres List

Reading Plan & Scripture Memory

As a church, we will be reading through all 150 Psalms over 50 days.  That’s just 3 per day.  Parents, we hope you will choose one of these three daily psalms to read together as a family each night.  We will also be memorizing Psalm 1 & 54.  Both of these Psalms contain great truths about God and what it means to trust him.  We want to fill ourselves with God’s word in hopes of it renewing and transforming us day by day into the image of Jesus Christ.

Psalms Reading and Memory Plan

Psalm 54 Song

Graham Jones wrote a worship song for our church as we were preaching through the Psalms using every word from Psalm 54.  We hope you enjoy!

Psalm 54 Song