Why should we pray?

God has given us such a great opportunity to connect with him through prayer, but sadly, we usually only take advantage of it in dire situations.  If we would look at ourselves through the lens of the gospel, we would see that we are always in need of God and his presence.  We need to live in desperation for the Lord, always depending on him and coming to him in prayer.  When we look to Christ and what he has done for us, it should move us to want to know him more through prayer.

As we move towards the Lord in prayer, we know that he then moves to answer, according to his will.  Contrary to what we often feel or think, prayer works, and it drives us to realize our need for God more and take godly action in the world around us.

Prayer for the Nations

Every Sunday, we pray for the nations of the world, often using Operation World’s Prayer Calendar and other resources to guide us.  We believe that God has a heart for the nations, desiring to draw all kinds of people to Him, and he has called us to engage in the mission of reaching them with the gospel first through prayer.

We strive to pray for the peoples of the world because there are still so many who do not believe.  Beyond that, there are still thousands of people groups that are “unreached,” or has less than 2% evangelical presence.  Join us each Sunday morning in praying for the lost, in the hopes that God will move in our hearts and the hearts of those around the world so that many would come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Weekly Prayer Guide

It’s much easier to pray at mealtimes or about important, life-changing decisions than it is to pray systematically for missionaries, leaders, and others – yet God has called us to pray for all of them.  Consider these categories of people below that you encounter throughout your life…

If God has placed you where He has for a purpose, you should be praying for the many people around you and around the world!  Use this guide below to explore the various subcategories of people you may encounter.  For example, you may want to pray for your boss at work every Monday, or a particular member of your family every Tuesday, or that missionary couple you committed to pray and give to every Wednesday, or your local city officials every Thursday.  However you choose to use it, just use it!  Try it out and see if God won’t challenge you through it as you grow in engaging with him in prayer and with engaging the world around you.

Click here to download and/or print the Weekly Prayer Guide.

Our Weekly Prayer Guide is made available as part of our Daily Worship Guide resource, along with a Bible Reading Plan.  Learn more about it on our reading plan page.