Why should we pray?

Prayer is such a great privilege and opportunity that has been given to us by God, but unfortunately we usually only dive into it when we are really desperate.  If we would look at ourselves through the lens of the gospel, we would see that we are always in need of His presence.  We need to live lives exemplified by desperation, always depending on God and coming to him in prayer.  When we look to Christ and what he has done for us, it should move us to want to know Him more through prayer.

Weekly Prayer ListWe have created a Weekly Prayer Guide for you to customize for yourself to be more intentional in your prayer life.  Look at the area of focus and consider who God would like for you to pray for each day.  Make this personal and use it however you’d like.

Click here to download the Weekly Prayer List

Missions, Evangelism, and Prayer

Every Sunday, we pray for the nations of the world using Operation World’s Prayer Calendar.  We believe that God has a heart for the nations, desiring to draw all kinds of people to Him; and he has called us to engage in the mission of reaching them with the gospel.  One of the most important ways we must engage in this mission is through prayer.

We strive to pray for the peoples of the world because there are still so many who do not believe.  Beyond that, there are still thousands of people groups that are “unreached,” or has less than 2% evangelical presence.  The Joshua Project is a research initiative that focuses especially on these groups.  Below, you can see a daily calendar where you be reminded to  pray for a different unreached people group every day.