Worship through in music has been used in the church to glorify God and refocus man for centuries.  In the Old Testament, the various psalmists wrote poetry to be sung about all kinds of things, from peace and hope to doubt and suffering, from oceans and storms to plants and animals.  In the New Testament, the early church kept this tradition of singing hymns and spiritual songs, that they might be unified and focused on Christ.

At the Fields, we use music for that very same reason: to be unified and focused on Jesus Christ and His gospel.  At every Sunday gathering, we will sing and hear songs about the gospel and the transformation from death to life.  The point of singing is not to hear good music, though we strive to honor God through the art.  The point of singing is not to hear us sing, though we hope you will!  The point of singing is to proclaim Christ and His gospel, and our prayer is to keep that at the center of everything we do.

Original Music

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Weekly Playlist

Below you will find our Spotify playlist, where we post the songs we sing each Sunday with the Bible passage.  Listen along with us each week!

Series Playlist

Through our Exodus series, we’ve put together a few songs that resonate with the themes of Exodus, God’s deliverance and presence with His people for His glory.  I hope these songs will be a great soundtrack for you car ride, workplace, meal prep, quiet time, or whatever setting you prefer!