The Jones + Kitamura Missional Group will be intentionally investing in the staff and community of our YMCA.  Our group represents a younger demographic of our church that spans from late high school to young marrieds.  All are welcome to join us on mission.


West Mansfield | Tuesdays @ 6:30pm
Daniel & Morgan Kitamura’s Home
613 St. Eric Dr., Mansfield, TX  76063


Graham & Bethany Jones

Graham and Bethany both grew up in the DFW area, having graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University.  Graham is the Worship Pastor at the Fields Church, where they both serve in leading worship.  Bethany works as an admissions counselor for UTA in local high schools.

Graham: (817) 422-4039 or email
Bethany: (817) 692-0056 or email

Daniel & Morgan Kitamura

Daniel and Morgan also grew up in DFW area!  Daniel works at Bell Helicopter and is also pursuing his Master’s at UTA in Engineering Management.  Morgan works at Soaring Eagle Center, serving and teaching young adults with special needs.

Daniel: (972) 743-2638 or email
Morgan: (972) 741-8744 or email