The Norton + Garcia Missional Group will be intentional to reach out to the communities surrounding the YMCA off Hardisty.


South Arlington | Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Landon & Amanda Norton’s Home
800 Ackers Dr. Arlington, TX  76001


Landon & Amanda Norton
Brynne, Braithe, Dara, and Maryn

Landon & Amanda have been at The Fields for 4 years.  Landon left a nutrition job in Oklahoma to pursue a degree at Southwestern Seminary and has since finished his degree!  Amanda works part time as a Physicians Assistant in an ER and teaches their 4 girls during the week as well.  They are both OU fans and love running, but don’t hold either of those against them.  They are excited about living on mission in their new neighborhood!

Landon: (405) 627-4816 or email
Amanda: (405) 659-2037 or email

Desi & Brooke Garcia
Cadence, Caitlin, Dylan, and Greyson

Desi & Brooke were invited to visit the fields by one of our elders, Cassidy Moore.  Brooke was already a Christian, but Desi became a Christian shortly after attending The Fields.  He was baptized and began leading his family toward Christ.  Desi works for Chase bank in Fort Worth while Brooke is a missional mom to their 4 kids.  Together they are an amazing example of perseverance in the midst of hard times.

Desi: (469) 878-8896 or email
Brooke: (817) 313-1325 or email