Cassidy Moore

Position: Lay Elder
Email: Cassidy



WHO are you? 

My name is Cassidy Moore and am married to the most wonderful woman in the world, Nichole Moore, for 12 years. We have been blessed to have 3 amazing children who I cannot be around enough. Brody, 10, loves to play football and make me laugh any chance he gets. Finley, 8, is constantly trying to make others laugh and can’t get any more girly. Sawyer, 6, my little man with a plan, is always looking to play and get me to chase him.

WHAT do you do?

I am an elder at the Fields Church and work for a medical device company. My heart is to be the man, leader, servant, disciple and disciple maker that Christ commanded me to be.

WHERE did you come from?

I was born and raised in Texas and met my wife at the world’s best university… Texas A&M University. We married after graduating and moved to SE Florida for a few years and then moved back once we started having children. We have been back in TX since 2007 and moved to Mansfield in 2009.

WHEN were you saved?

I was blessed to be raised in a loving and Godly home. When I was about 5 or 6 I remembered wanting to go down after church one Sunday and ask Jesus to be Lord of my life and save me. As I grew I sometimes wondered and doubted the authenticity and understanding of that time, but I have since been comforted through various trials and God’s moving in my heart that whether I knew everything at that time or truly came to faith at a later time, I am saved. And it wasn’t I who did it right or discovered it, but Christ saved me in His Grace and drew me to Him. He saved me through His Grace and not because of my works or deeds.

HOW has the Gospel impacted you recently?

It seems as though my eyes are opened more and more everyday to the sin that wages battle within me. And the fight that I must constantly surrender to is that no amount of strength or deed on my own can overcome it, but I must constantly go to Christ for my strength and humility to persevere this race. The Saving Gospel and command of Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations has brought to light all the meaningless and empty pursuits I strive for in this life and has revealed how blessed it is when we walk in His path seeking Him.

WHY are you at The Fields?

One joy I have in being at the Fields is seeing Bryan Sloan, my former roommate, friend, brother in Christ, and now Pastor grow and stretch as he walks in obedience to Jesus Christ. I honestly don’t know if I would have got involved in a church plant had it not been for him. I was always a member of large churches with tons of activities and members, which are all good, but found it was easy for me to sit back and let the “called” do all the work. At the Fields, I have seen that we are all supposed to get our hands dirty, we all have a purpose to serve in the church. And it is when we step forward in faith and realize this, we are truly blessed to be the “Sons of the Kingdom.” The members of the Fields are people whom I would have never sought out or met had I stayed in my comfort zone and I can honestly say I have truly seen God orchestrate His Will in changing peoples lives in ways I never imagined. Seeing lives turn around and repent, families grow and share struggles, it is a wonderful place seeing brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.