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Position: Administrative Deacon
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WHO Are You?

My name is Carlene Sloan. Robert and I got married when we were seniors in college 42 years ago. We have a son, Bryan, and a daughter, Allison. Bryan is the lead pastor of The Fields Church, he is married to Joy, and they have four precious kids. Allison is an actuary, lives in Dallas, and has been married to Josh for a year.

WHAT Do You Do?

I am the Ministry Assistant for The Fields Church. I handle the finances, office duties, and try to do things that will allow others more time to serve. Robert and I also host one of the Mgroups at our home on Wednesday evenings. Robert has been self employed since 1975, so I also take care of the finances and office details for him. One of my favorite jobs was being the administrator of Park Springs Christian Academy for 15 years. It was a blessing to be able to watch the kids mature spiritually as they grew physically and mentally. I was also able to mentor the staff as well as the parents of our students. Every Monday is always a great day for me because I get to spend the day with our four grandkids. Gigi is the best job ever! Spending time with family and friends is a privilege that I don’t ever take for granted.

WHERE Do You Come From?

I grew up in western Oklahoma and lived outside of a tiny town on a farm/ranch. I am an only child so I learned teamwork at a very early age as we worked together to complete all the jobs. After graduating from high school, I went to college and studied accounting and business administration. I am a detail person so this fits me perfectly. Robert and I left the day after our college graduation for a short term job in Tennessee. When it was finished, we moved to Fort Worth for his new job. We moved to Arlington a year later and have lived here ever since.

WHEN Were You Saved?

I can’t remember when I was saved as a little girl. However, I do remember that a new pastor was called to our church when I was 12. His desire was to make sure that the kids moving into the youth group really knew what we said we knew – heart knowledge not just head knowledge. Sadly, I didn’t take it seriously enough until I was a new mom. I am thankful that God is always waiting for us to fall into His arms and for the women He used to walk alongside me during that time.

HOW Has The Gospel Impacted You Recently?

It has been exciting to see that God can and will use us for his purposes if we will just get our agendas out of the way and lay down what we think we can and can’t do. We are never too young or too old to be used – I am living proof that an old dog can learn some new tricks. I love having a long term plan in place and then implement the plan toward the final goal. It is a huge learning experience for me to be flexible and allow Him to move me where ever He wants to use me.

WHY Are You At The Fields?

Robert and I prayed for Bryan and Joy as God began showing them that He was preparing them for a new journey. We continued to pray as they made the leap of faith to leave his position as a youth pastor and begin the church plant. We felt a nudge, then a gentle push so we attended a weekly meeting at their home. We have been a part of the group ever since.